Lucid Disposables offers a range of disposable vape devices designed to provide an exceptional vaping experience. Here are some key details about their products:

  1. Lucid Boost:

    • Puff Count: Up to 20,000 puffs.
    • Features: Dual mesh coils, 18mL of 5% salt nicotine juice, and an additional Boost mode for an amplified vape.
    • Flavors: Available in 8 Original and 10 Collab flavors.
    • Form Factor: Small package with a big punch.
    • Anti-Leak Technology: Patented anti-leak design.
    • Rechargeable: No need to dispose of the entire device after use1.
  2. Lucid Charge:

    • Puff Count: Approximately 7,000 puffs.
    • Flavors: 21 flavors handpicked by in-house experts.
    • Rechargeable: A rechargeable option for those who prefer sustainability.
    • Compact: Pocket-sized and convenient for travelers.
    • Quality: Nicotine-free tobacco for clean flavor.
    • Anti-Counterfeiting Measures: Ensures authenticity and quality standards.
  3. Lucid Air Plus:

    • Puff Count: 5,000 puffs.
    • Flavors: Available in 12 bold flavors.
    • Mix and Match: Easily switch between flavors.
    • Quality Flavor: Savor the taste with Lucid Air Plus.

Whether you’re looking for high puff counts, rechargeable options, or a variety of flavors, Lucid Disposables has something to suit your vaping preferences!

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